Lithium battery maintenance manual
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Use the Battery Properly

The battery can always be charged at any time no matter how much power is left. However, in the following cases, you should have the battery fully charged. Make sure to use the specified charger to charge the battery.

 The battery is usually not fully charged for the convenience of transport. Make sure the
battery is fully charged before using the battery.

 If the battery is not intended for use in a long time, make sure the e-bike battery is charged
before storage and is afterwards charged at least once every twelve months. Do not leave
the battery completely discharged.

 Once you have begun to use the battery, please have it charged at least once every two

Note: If the battery is completely discharged, charge it as soon as possible. If you do not
charge the battery, it will be damaged.

Charge the Battery

 When using the battery for the first time, check whether the battery has not run low due to
transportation or storage.

 When the battery is not intended for use in a long time, charge the battery regularly to
avoid excessive battery discharge.

 Please charge the battery as soon as possible before it runs out; over-discharge can cause
permanent damage to the battery.

 No matter how much power is left, the battery can be charged at any time. However, the
specified charger must be used to avoid overcharge of the battery.

 To maintain the proper use of the battery, do not subject the battery to heavy shocks or a
heat source, or disfeature the battery or short circuit its terminals.

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