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New  electric wheelchair handcycle
Maneuverable!Steering turn 90 degree so you can turn in place for maneuvering indoors and out. Adjustable!Adjust to you,from child to adult. Snap on/Snap off!Pop in your trunk or take on a plane,no need to transfer. Go off road!Grass,gravel and potholes are no problem. Easy steering! No need to strugle.Go where you want
There's no doubting the sudden popularity of Fat Bikes around the world. These are bigger, heavier beasts of bicycles that have larger rolling resistance and are often used on sand, mud, dirt and anything else you can find off the beaten track. The long range can be 50km when full electric. This modle we have the 36V 350W and 48V 500W / 750w 1000w version.
Cool electric bicycle
SR20A Folding E-bike
The 20inch fat style is a new breed of folding electric bike. With a concealed Samsung cell battery and Tektro disk brakes, this compact monster removes all comprises that regular folding bikes present. This is a super smooth, super lightweight ride that will make you feel like you’re on a full sized front suspension bike. With folding handlebars and frame, you can fold this electric bike away intothe back of a small car, planes, boats, subways, RVs and under your desk or in a tight corner.The compact 20” wheels provide so much torque users will be delighted by the great performance of this st...
This mountain electric bike is professionally designed for highlight climbing. However, Working, travling, walking, excising are all suitable. It can be powered exclusively by the motor, can be pedaled and power assisted, or be exclusively pedaled.Electrical system will only function with the use of the supplied ignition key It comes with 250w /350w /500w hub motor power . the system shows high quality and durability ,low cross-sectional design is sufficient to adapt to various terrian .
This is an Ultimate Unisex electric bicycle for every member of your family. The Lithium Powered Electric Bicycle has a 250-350 Watt Max system bafang mid motor with torque sensor for power supply. The bike has a key start and a variable speed control Pedal assistant. The bike can be powered exclusively by the motor, can be pedaled and power assisted, or be exclusively pedaled. Electric drive, energy conservation and environmental protection.


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