Are the ebike kits easy to install?
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Are the ebike kits easy to install?

 Yes, the kits are generally simple to install on regular bikes, particularly if you choose a front-mounting kit, avoiding the need to interfere with the rear cog set.  All required/supplied parts will bolt directly onto 90% of bikes without any modification at all, electrical plugs are colour coded and impossible to plug in wrong.  You will need only basic tools such as spanners, allen keys, and screwdrivers to get most of it done.  

A rear wheel needs the gear cassette / freewheel fitted, so if you want to use your existing cluster, you will need a cluster removal tool. 

If you want to fit the pedelec, you will need a crank removal tool. 

Detailed installation instructions are provided with kits (email us if you want to see these prior to purchase).  You can expect to have it your bike built within an afternoon, presuming you are pretty handy.

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