How to check the problem of hub motor
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It is the first time to install the ebike kit,but the motor can not work.

  1. 1.Check whether all of  wires connctors are ok.

  2. 2.Measure the battery voltage by multimeter.

    Attention: must turn on the battery,the normal voltage of 36v battery is around 30v-42v; 48v battery is around 39v-54v. If  the voltage is out of this normal range,please send us the video,and please also show the multimeter and battery in the video.

  3. 3.Check whether did the connect the motor,controller ,brake level and battery well.

    Attention: Brake is to cut off the power,so please be sure that brake returned,otherwise the motor does not work.

  4. 4.Check the brake power light.

  5. If the battery indicator does not light.

    (1)Measure the voltage of the brake(Black and Brown wires).The normal voltage of 36v kit is around 30v-42v;48v kit is 39v-54v.If the votage is ok,so the throttle is damaged.If the voltage is out of the range,please tell us the voltage,then do the next step.

    (2)Measure the voltage from battery to controller,and please tell us the voltage.(When you measure the voltage,please turn on the battery)

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