New LD-LS controller parameters
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 Perfect Matching ---LISHUI controller

The advantage of LS controller :   different model display are available with this controller

1. Kingmeter LED T319

2.Kingmeter LCD Nokke-u

3.APT TFT-850C


For CNEBIKES . These controller will be used for all our ebikes  hub motor electric bike kits . (KT controller is also ok for requirements )

LD-LS01-F     Size : 101mmx50mmx30mm

                       Rated Power :250W

                       Housing Material :Alumium

                       Drive Technology :FOC sinewave model

                       Mos tubes : 6 mos

                       Current : 15A

LD-LS01-C   Size : 91mmx50mmx30mm

                      Rated Power :250w

                      Housing Material  :Alumium

                      Drive techology :Square wave

                      Mos tubes : 6mos

                      Current :15A

LD-LS02-C    Size :101mmx48.5mmx30mm

                      Rated power :250w/350w/500w

                      Housing material :Alumium

                      Drive techology :Square wave

                      Mos tubes :9 mos

                      Max current :20A

LD-LS06-F     Size :180mmx52mmx41mm

                       Rated power :500w /1000w

                       Housing material :Alumium

                       Drive Techology :FOC (Sine Wave)

                       Mos tube : 12mos

                       Max current :25A

LD-LS06-C     Size :180mmx52mmx41mm

                       Rated power :500w/1000w

                        Housing material:Alumium

                        Drive Techology :Square Wave

                        Mos :12 mos

                        Max current :25A

NOTE : Waterproof Are all available

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