How to look at the parameters when buying an electric bike?
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It mainly depends on the mileage, and some standards that meet the national standards, such as 48V 20A lithium battery, and some other functions, but now electric bikes are not bad, it is better to look at the battery and motor, and the pursuit of speed You can see how fast it can run after decoding

    Many aspects need to be paid attention to when buying an electric bike. As an electric bike 

manufacturer, I have written all the points that should be paid attention to when buying an electric bike. You can take a look:

1. First distinguish the models.

why? Because after the introduction of the new national standard, the supervision of electric bikes in many 

places is different. What if you buy a bike and go back and cannot get a license or go on the road? At this time, you must first understand what each model is like, to avoid buying the wrong one:

2. Look at the parameters.

Many people go to the store to buy a bike, and they are dumbfounded when they hear the merchant say a lot of parameters! I can’t judge whether what the merchant said is true. I bought it when I heard it, but it turned out that it was not the same thing when I bought it. It was lonely after spending money, so my cousin taught everyone how to look at the parameters of the bike:

3. After reading the parameters, we also need to look at other aspects. What does a good electric bike have? 

My cousin has also sorted it out and put it here, you can take a look, I hope it can help you learn more about electric bikes:

4. Maintenance.

I have to say that no matter how good something is, it needs to be maintained. Just like people, no matter how handsome or beautiful, they must pay attention to maintenance, and electric bikes are no exception. Especially now that the weather is getting colder, everyone must pay attention to the maintenance of electric bikes, especially It's the battery. If you don't pay attention, the battery will be useless:

5. Pay attention to other issues related to electric bikes, such as the sudden slowing down of the speed:

First, look at the choice This depends on your biker's needs and the bike environment to choose to buy.

It is recommended to buy electric motorcycles for use in villages and towns. It is faster, has a better power experience, and has a longer cruising range. If you require a longer cruising range, choose a model with a larger battery capacity. If you choose a lithium battery model, the price may be higher.

If it is mainly used for commuting in the city, it is recommended to buy a new national standard electric bike. The ordinary 48V 20Ah lithium battery new national standard electric bike has a cruising range of about 50

 kilometers for a single person, which can generally meet the needs of commuting.

Whether you are buying an electric motorcycle or a new national standard electric bike, you need to consider 

buying it according to the local license restriction policy.

Second, look at the parameters

Ordinary consumers look at the parameters, the most intuitive is the battery, 48 volts 30 ampislandd the capacity is 

1440 watt-hour capacity, 72 volts 20 amps, the same capacity is 1440 watt-hours, the larger the capacity, the 

longer the battery life, and the higher the voltage, the faster the speed.

For other parameters, it is recommended to choose branded electric bicycles. The overall quality of branded 

electric bikes is better. If you choose a sine wave controller, you will ride silently, especially when you start

 silently and powerfully. It is best to use a contrlabsrkineticabs kinetic energy recovery function. It is best to 

choose the front and rear disc brakes. It is very troublesome to adjust the brakes if the rear drum brakes are 

often adjusted. As for the power of the motor, you don’t need to look at it. The test ride starts powerfully, and 

the riding speed is appropriate and safe. Innovative technology configuration and appearance can be selected 

according to your preferences.

1: Look at the motor

64V/450W means that the motor voltage is 64 volts and the wattage is 450 watts. The higher the wattage of 

the motor, the more powerful it is. But at the same time, the power consumption is greater.

2: Look at the battery

16V14AH*4 means that the battery voltage is 16 volts, and the current intensity is 14 amps. You can 

understand the ampere as capacity, the larger the ampere, the longer the discharge time.

3: Look at the controller

For example, a 64v\25A controller can control a voltage of 64 volts and 25 amperes! If it is too small, 

the controller will burn out.

According to personal preferences, the higher the equipment configuration, the higher the price.

In general, when purchasing an electric bike, users can refer to the motor power and battery 

capacity of the electric bike. If they need an electric bike with more power and longer battery life, 

they can choose an electric bike equipped with a high-power motor and a large-capacity battery. 

Similarly, when purchasing an electric bike, it is also necessary to check the bike battery, motor, 

and housing to ensure that the quality of the electric bike passes the bikebikesctric bikes are divided into two categories: electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. The certification 

standard for electric bicycles is to have a pedal function, the riding speed shall not exceed 25 kilometers per 

hour, and the weighbikethe whole bike sh55 not exceed 55 kg. Other than that, they are all electric 

motorcycles. Since the implemeelectric bicycle electric bicycle  management regulations promulgated on 

July 1, 2019, all localities have increased the control of electric bicycles 

and need to apply for a license from the traffic control department before they can motorbike. Motorbike driver's license, the bike to which it belongs motorbike a motorbike license plate.

In terms of purchasing the bike itself, choose the electric bike that suits you according to your 

needs. For electric motorcycles, there are 48/60/72V, 72v is six batteries, and 35A lead-acid batteries

 can ride for about 130 kilometers, but the price will also vary. It is much more expensive, 20A rides 

about 70 kilometers, and the price is about 2700, so choose according to your own needs  If you are buying a two-wheeled electric bike, the most important data to look at is the weight. 

The lighter the weight, the greater the improvement in handling, acceleration, and battery life. You 

can refer to the data for the battery life of an electric bike, which is the average per kilogram/km/

0.013 amps / 12 volts of electricity! If you add one kilogram, the battery life will be shortened. You 

can see my main post for details.

Another data is whether there is magnetic resistance! Magnetic resistance will increase sliding

 resistance and reduce mileage. Zero magnetic resistance can increase battery life by 20%. 

The author has also experienced it personally. The logistics of zero magnetic resistance and 

magnetic resistance are 0.008 amps and 0.013 amps per kilogram per kilometer, calculated at 12 volts. of

Now there are a lot of electric bikes, but many increase the selling point and increase 

the price of the bike. There are few aluminum alloy bikes, and there is no difficulty in lightweighting. 

The aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, and carbon fiber technologies are very mature, and the workshops

 have made very good ones. product out

4.15 The new national standard, if the weight exceeds 55 kg, and the speed exceeds 25 kilometers,

 it is an electric motorcycle. E or F certificate is required. It is estimated that there will be alcohol 

driving in the future when riding an electric bike. It is recommended to choose a lithium battery. 

Lithium battery or Chaowei, if you want something else, you can leave a message and help you 

as a consultant when buying an electric bike, you can look at the parameters from the following aspects: price, brand, 

appearance, motor, battery, battery life, brakes, tires, shock absorption

The price, brand, and appearance are determined by personal subjective preferences, while others 

depend on specific parameters

For example the larger the battery capacity, the longer the battery life, and of course the more 

expensive the price; the cost of disc brakes is higher, but the feeling is better; the cost of drum 

brakes is lower, and they are more powerful; the bike structure design, tires, and seats will 

all affect shock absorption. It also directly affects the driving experience

At present, the electric bikes on the market are mainly 48 volts and 60 volts. If you are going 

to take out food, you can buy 60 volts, which will run faster. If you go to work, you can buy 48 

volts, and you don’t need to be so fast.

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