The Solutions For Problems Encountered By The Wheelchair Handcycle And Bafang Mid Motor Drive
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                            Solutions For Problems Encountered By The Wheelchair Handcycle 
The main componentsProblemsMethod of exclusionFinal result
error codeInstrument 03 errorCheck whether the wires are connected properly, and see if the motor has resistance. If there is no problem with the motor, ask a dual-mode controller from usAfter-sales dual-mode controller (after changing the dual-mode controller, it still does not work and the motor idling has no resistance, and finally it is judged that the motor is broken)

After the traction head goes uphill for a few seconds, the indicator will automatically shut down.

The battery will also be turned off, and the motor power display board will not light up

It may be a problem with the battery protection board. You can try another set of batteries first. If not, sell a protection board to the customer and ask him to replace the protection board at the electronics repair place.Resend protection board

                           Solutions For Problems Encountered By The Bafang Mid Motor Drive
The main componentsProblemsMethod of exclusionFinal result
Error codeInstrument 04 errorThe handlebar is not in place
Error codeInstrument 07 errorOvervoltage protection, the motor is 48v, the battery may be 52vReplace with a battery of the same voltage
Error codeInstrument 30 errorCommunication error, maybe the controller has been programmedProgram the controller back, if there is still an error, after-sales controller

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