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The city e-bike comes with a powerful 250 watt hub motor. This bike is surprisingly zippy and fast, and at the same time is silent and smooth. This bike performs much better than it looks. The ride is solid without any clattering. The bike is not an attention getter, and is perfect for a low key get around town device.

simply welds the battery rack to the rear rack. It uses a standard Chinese design where the rectangular battery is mounted mid frame behind the seat tube. The battery is removable and swappable, so you can carry a second battery and double your range when you need to.
This could be the most comfortable riding eBike ever made. The eBike’s upright riding position and suspension fork creates a smooth ride that does put unnecessary strain on your body. With achievable distances of 20-30 miles on a charge, speed capabilities up to 15 MPH and components that lead the industry for quality, The e-bike is the perfect balance of performance and comfort. This brilliantly designed eBike makes for an unbelievably enjoyable riding experience.
Wide framed, wide tired electric e-bike offer many advantages over slim tired mountain bikes. First is there ability to ride where no one else dares rides… over the beach and through the snow.
A electric motor on a fat bike makes a lot of sense. Usually pedaling a fat tired bike with all that rolling resistance would be a beat of burden, but with an electric motor the resistance of the extra wide tires is negligible. And the extra tire makes for a sturdier more comfy ride.
The fat tires not only give the bike an awesome look, the tires make the bike more stable when riding off road, and they add snow and sand to possible riding surfaces. In addition the bike has more tire touching the pavement so is more stable on pavement when riding a straight line. However wide knobby tires as traditionally found on sand bikes are not ideal for high speed cornering so the street rider should beware.
Front and rear suspension help provide a great ride whether traversing a rocky slope, cruising local trails or riding to town for errands. As a hub motor electric mountain bike, it offers impressive torque and high efficiency with a 500W geared motor. Like our other electric mountain bikes, this model offers both PAS and throttle control. 2.10 inch Kenda tires provide excellent traction in all conditions and the auto cut-off ZOOM disc braking system, front and rear, ensure both responsive and reliable braking for this electric mtb. A Shimano 7 Speed rear derailleur provides ample gearing options for varying riding environments.
The Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike rides as good as it looks. Thanks to the 4 inch Kenda fat tires, this bike can go just about anywhere, even over loose sand and gravel. The fat tires are nice because they absorb all the bumps on the road and makes for a nice smooth ride. Unlike many other fat tire e-bikes, the e-bike isn't a giant bike. It has 20 inch wheels and a folding frame so it can fit just about anywhere including the trunk of a car.


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